Aged Care

Cornerstone Care was established to assist our ageing community to stay living independently in the comfort of their own homes, while accessing the help and support from the Government subsidised programs to do so. We want to alleviate the stress experienced when accessing these services. At Cornerstone Care, our aim is to organise, coordinate and communicate with aged care service providers for you so you are free to enjoy time with your loved ones.

Cornerstone Care can be with you every step of the process, so you or your loved one don’t feel alone and wondering what the next step in the process is. We will break down and explain information in easy to understand terms, as well as assisting with the paperwork that needs to be completed. Cornerstone Care are experts in make the process with My Aged Care, Centrelink, Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and Service Providers as smooth and stress free as possible. 

At Cornerstone Care, we also want to educate the public about the lengthy time frames involved in accessing Government subsidised Aged Care. We want people to start thinking about their Aged Care needs before it becomes urgent. The current wait times to access home care packages range from 9-18 months following the ACAT assessment.

In situations where urgent assistance is required, Cornerstone Care can start the Government subsidised Aged Care process and help you organise and coordinate private care immediately.

Because our Ageing population is our priority we also offer a check in service to make sure you or your loved one is well and comfortable at home.

Our pricing and packages can be found under the ‘Aged Care’ section of this site.

International Students

New services added…

More recently, Cornerstone Care has identified an absence of support for International Students travelling to Canberra to study at our wonderful academic institutions. The goal of Cornerstone Care is to help and connect people, taking the stress out of accessing services and making the student’s lives easier. It therefore makes sense that we extend our focus to make the transition into a foreign country for study, as smooth as possible for students.

We offer parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are kind and caring locals dedicated to assisting and looking out for their loved ones.

Our International Student Packages include collection from the airport, helping settle into accommodation, helping navigate the local necessities (shopping centres for groceries, medical and healthcare providers, and financial institutions etc).

Cornerstone Care understands that having an after hours contact person who is a kind and caring local is very important. This service gives student’s parents and loved ones back home ‘peace of mind‘ knowing that a local loving mother is looking out for their loved one. This service is a pay by the month service and can be as little as a weekly check in via SMS/phone call/email, or as great as being on call after hours 5 or 7 nights a week. 

We are also dedicated to helping the students see our beautiful country whilst here. We will do this by organising travel to the different parts of Australia they wish to explore. We are also available to travel with students if required. These getaways are scheduled for weekends and during term breaks for longer getaways.

Cornerstone Care also wants to help students explore our our vast local culinary experiences, support our local sporting teams by attending events and sightseeing at local attractions and festivals. We want students to see and enjoy as much of our beautiful country as possible.

Our pricing and packages can be found under the ‘International Students’ section of this site.